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"The Ramsey Chase"-- A Remarkable Adventure of Cornelia True and Roman Gray by Devon Ellington

Miss Cornelia True lives in Bodwin's Ferry, a small seacoast town, with her sisters Arabella and Viola. Her life changes forever when Roman Gray, a "fixer" from the future and across the seas from the metropolis of Newest Yorkke, lands, naked, amongst Cornelia's petunias due to a glitch in his Device. Together, they embark on a series of remarkable adventures. In "The Ramsey Chase", Roman arrives hunting a time-travelling serial killer who preys on young women for their blood.


Roman Gray kept his eyes squeezed shut, ignoring the breeze that played against his bare skin. Against all logic, he hoped that if he refused to open his eyes, he would discover this was only a glitch caused by the Device, and, in a moment, he would find himself in the correct time and space. Preferably fully clothed.

“My dear sir, if you are going to drop, naked as the day you were born, into my prize petunias, you can at least introduce yourself.”

Roman sighed, opening one green eye and then the other. This wasn’t a glitch or hallucination. He was lying, curled up in a fetal position, in the midst of a flowerbed, with a woman leaning over him. Her cadence was formal, but her face was smooth and unlined, framed by long, wavy golden hair, and he realized this was an example of the much-raved about “cornflower blue” eyes. For a moment he forgot that he was lying naked in a flowerbed, trying to pursue a murderer.

“Sir? Are you ill?”

“Uh, no.” He shook his own hair, thick and black, a bit longer than regulation, which would have brushed his collar, had he worn anything, at the moment, with a collar. He sat up, wondering how to appear modest, and gave up. “My name is Roman Gray, and my Device’s gone wonky.”

“Well, that’s unfortunate, isn’t it?” The woman slipped a pale green shawl from around her shoulders and held it out to him. “Perhaps you would like to cover yourself for the walk to the house, just in case the neighbors aren’t minding their own business? They do seem to find other people’s business far more interesting than their own. Once we are inside, we’ll get this sorted out.” She smiled at him. “Don’t worry, you shan’t shock me. I studied the male anatomy in life drawing class. And I do have a brother.”

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"Personal Revolution" -- a Cabot's Crossing Mystery by Devon Ellington

When a man is hanged from the oak tree in a Redcoat uniform at an historic house just before the Independence Day program, Glenda is determined to both solve the murder and protect the newly-opened museum. What she finds is much darker -- and more personal -- than she bargained.

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"Plot Bunnies"  -- a Twinkle Tavern Mystery by Ava Dunne

Someone killed the Easter Bunny – so who’s dancing around the Village Green in his suit?

Welcome to Twinkle, Vermont. When her husband is killed in a car crash after a rendezvous with his mistress, Gloria Dunkirk and her teenaged son move in with her mother-in-law. Gloria goes to work at the historical Twinkle Tavern & Green Gate Inn. When her son and his friend discover the body of the man who dresses up for holiday events, they wonder who’s impersonating him at the town’s Easter Egg event at that very moment? The upside is that Gloria gets to spend time with the sexy Dean Eastlake, Twinkle’s favorite detective. The downside is stopping the killer before he strikes again – in minutes.

This is a short mystery featuring an amateur sleuth, with elements of comedy and romance.

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"Severance" by Devon Ellington

A science fiction/western/horror short story.

When Riker Cain walks into Linn Shek’s bar, he kills the man sent to assassinate Linn by her enemy Tarank. At that moment, Linn knows Riker’s past as Eidolinn Sheekagh, the Annym Roosteyr (dispatcher of souls), has come back to haunt her.

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The Jain Lazarus Adventures are urban fantasy stories featuring Hex Breaker Jain Lazarus.  They are handled by Solstice Publishing.  The first two books in the series are HEX BREAKER and OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK.  There is a Jain Lazarus website here.

There are three available media kits for the series.

The Jain Lazarus Adventures Media Kit is available here.

HEX BREAKER Media Kit available here.

OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK Media Kit available here.