Devon Ellington

 If you want to book me for a workshop, either check the Workshop list  here, or, if you want me to create a workshop specifically for your group, contact here and put "Workshop" in the subject line.

Important Note:
Workshops are for Intermediate and Advanced Students, serious about their writing and building their craft, unless otherwise noted.  All students are expected to have a solid foundation in grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure, knowledge of comma placement, ability to discern between possessives and plurals, and homonyms.  Most classes are writing-intensive.  Students are expected to write every day, turn in work by deadline, and fulfill the class expectations.

Private Students
I am no longer accepting private students.  I will complete current commitments.  If that changes, I will post an update here.

Manuscript Critique/Manuscript Editing
At this point, I am only accepting publishers as clients.  I am not taking on individual authors as editing clients.  I continue to do script editing, script coverage, and script doctoring for individual writers, producers, and directors.