Devon Ellington
Topic Workbooks

What's a Topic Workbook?  It's a short, digital handbook, often created from workshops I've taught all over the world.  Each Workbook covers a specific topic.  There are exercises, resources, and tips to help you in that topic.

Work through the "workbook" at your own pace, and then keep it as a handy reference!

They're priced to be budget-friendly, and are available on Smashwords.  The Devon Ellington page on Smashwords will lead you to the individual workbooks, or you can browse them here. 

More will be added as they are released.

This Topic Workbook, based on Devon Ellington's popular seminar, takes the writer step-by-step through creating and maintaining an organized submission system. Too many writers miss opportunities because it takes too long to pull together all the parts! Don't be one of them! Learn how to efficiently create submission logs, query letter templates, bio paragraphs, clip files, resumes, portfolios, media kits, and more for a more organized, more productive writing life. Updated to include more information on social media and scripts.

This is the most popular of the Topic Workbooks, and helps you set up your submission packets as you complete projects, so it takes only minutes to send a package when you query and/or submit.

$3.99 on Smashwords here.

The Series Bible:  Creation and Maintenance

Fictional worlds, even based on real locations, require consistency. Writing a series involves multiple drafts and changing ideas. A Series Bible will help you keep details straight, allowing you to keep your flow of character quirks and setting details that your readers will always catch.  Topics, exercises, and resources included.

Based on Devon Ellington's popular seminar.

Available on Smashwords here for $2.99.